Seiko Prospex 600M automatic diver

Posted by Harry Bishop on Apr 11th, 2008
Apr 11

My post the other day about the new Grand Seiko divers, also mentioned the Seiko Prospex Spring Drive diver. This is a watch with a very respectable 600m water resistance rating

That depth rating is what you would use for saturation diving – encased in a solid “diver’s suit”, separated from the pressure of those depths, and breathing pumped air with no nitrogen in it (to prevent the “bends”).

This newest versions of Seiko’s 600m offering is based on the Spring Drive, with it’s “gliding” second hand motion, created by using an electromagnetic brake rather than an escapement to control the unwinding of the mainspring. I took a quick look on eBay today, and saw one listed for $3,350.


But this is not the first 600m diver Seiko has made. For many years, a 600M rating stood for one of the more serious diver watches available from Seiko. You could also get a 1000m rated watch, but only in quartz – 600m was as high as you could go with a mechanical Seiko.


Vintage Seiko divers with “professional” on the dial, even those with much lower ratings than this example, are rarer and more desirable, and always fetch a higher price. The above “Historical Collection” SBDX005 from 2000 was being sold for $2,650. The following 6159-7010 from 1976 (one of the earlier titanium watches) was being sold for $2,000.


A really neat diversion to read, is this article on the Poor Man’s Watch Forum that displays the insides of a Seiko Prospect 600M watch that was being cleaned and serviced.


To wrap up this post, there is a great reference article I would recommend highly for anyone interested in the Seiko diver watches. It covers not only the more common 150m/200m divers, but also the professional lines.

Designed for saturation diving, the Professional Divers are the big kahunas of Seiko diving watches…

Historical models:
* 6159 600M Automatic Professional Diver (6159-022, with cal. 6159 movement, first produced in 1975)
* 6215 300M Automatic Professional Diver (with cal. 6215 movement, first produced in 1967)
* 6159 300M Automatic Professional Diver (6159-7001, with cal. 6159 movement, first produced in 1968)
* 300M Quartz Professional Diver (with cal. 7549 movement, first produced in 1978
* 200M Quartz Professional Diver (with cal. 7C43 movement, first produced in 1986)

Current or re-issued models:
* 1000M Quartz Professional Diver (with cal. 7C46 movement)
* 600M Prospex Quartz Professional Diver (with cal. 8L35 movement)
* 600M Historical Re-issue Professional Diver (with cal. 8L35 movement)
* 600M Historical Re-issue Automatic Professional Diver (with cal. 8L35 movement)
* 300M Marine Master Automatic Professional Diver (with cal. 8L35 movement)
* 300M Prospex Quartz Professional Diver (with cal. 7C46 movement)

And yes, there are more pictures there! :-)

8 Responses

  1. philip Says:

    hi, i own a seiko 600m hisotrical model 2000. the bezel is not normal on the turning i wonder where can i get a service for the watch. please do let me know soon.

  2. Harry Bishop Says:

    Hi Philip – depends where you live what the best option is. Suggest you post the question on the Seiko-Citizen Watch Forum at with a title something like “suggestion for bezel repair for 600m Seiko diver?”along with where you are located, and I’m sure somebody there can direct you to a good option, either local or online. Good luck!


  3. Arthur Dy Says:

    Hi, i’m quite new with seiko watches and was wondering if you could give me some pointers… i found a local guy selling his 70′s 600m automatic. Can you give me some tips on what to look for when looking at the watch… are their distinc markings that can confirm if the watch is an original? Can you readily still get parts for this particular model? Thanks in advance

  4. Harry Bishop Says:

    Hi Arthur – What is the model number, can you confirm is it a 6159? (which is the only 70s automatic 600M diver I know of from Seiko)


  5. danny arcenas Says:

    I have a seiko diver professional 600m.. Titanium 6159-7010 and its not working . I live in new westminster bc, can you pls. tell me where to bring it for repair .. that I can trust to?

  6. Harry Bishop Says:

    Hi Danny – sorry I have no idea who would be a good place in the BC area … I live in Ontario. You may want to ask on the Seiko-Citizen Watch Forum if anyone knows a reputable place in your area. Good luck!


  7. Johannes Schenk Says:

    Hi Danny,

    International Watch Repair in North Vancouver. Guys a genius.

  8. Harry Bishop Says:

    Thanks for helping our Johannes!

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