VC Patrimony Traditionnelle World Time

Posted by Harry Bishop on Dec 28th, 2011
Dec 28

A video for any WIS, compliments of Hodinkee

Video from

Happy Holidays!

Posted by Harry Bishop on Dec 23rd, 2011
Dec 23

May you and yours enjoy an overabundance of fun & festivity, an environment of tolerance and care, and a break from the worries of the year.

130th Anniversary Seiko 5 watches

Posted by Harry Bishop on Dec 5th, 2011
Dec 5

Just a short while ago, the very first Seiko 5 watches with a 4R36 movement (instead of the ubiquitous 7S26/7S36 calibers) came out. These have shortly been followed by special “Seiko 130th anniversary” models.

Image from

I found it strange that one of these, the SRP172, managed to get highlighted on a TimeZone Industry News post, but none of the nicer series of 130th anniversary lines from Seiko made the site.

I’m not sure if we can expect the 4R36 movement to replace the 7S36 (which is the one used in the higher-end Seiko 5 such as the Seiko 5 Sport models) as a general rule or not. Or for that matter, what the plan is for the more common 7R26 workhorse.

In the meantime, thanks to Yeoman for these cellphone pics of other Seiko 5 4R36 “130th anniversary” models in the marketplace.

SRP132 image from

SRP148 image from

SRP162 image from

SRP172 image from

Brain Freeze – cause, cures, and prevention

Posted by Harry Bishop on Dec 2nd, 2011
Dec 2

Most people sometimes fall victim to sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia.

No it’s not a life-threatening illness, it’s what we all as kids commonly called “brain freeze”!

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