3000 meters for $699

Posted by Harry Bishop on Jul 31st, 2011
Jul 31

The number of good mechanical dive watches available at reasonable price points continues to grow, small/niche brands seem to be popping out of the woodwork every month. It’s a great situation for dive watch lovers. And following up to last month’s post about getting 1000m water resistance for $399, how about 3000m for only $699!

Image from perpetuelle.com

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t.a.c.t.i.c.o. TC1 from Crepas

Posted by Harry Bishop on Jul 24th, 2011
Jul 24

I have made mention of CREPAS of Spain before. They now have gone to market under a new brand name, t.a.c.t.i.c.o., whose first model is now for sale.

Images from tacticowatches.com

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The Cheapest High-End Watch

Posted by Harry Bishop on Jul 12th, 2011
Jul 12

This is a GREAT post by Martin over at Monochrome.nl talking about what would be the cheapest high-end (manufacture, valued brand, mechanical, etc) watch.

I’ll give you a hint, this picture was an example of a high-end watch that did NOT get chosen as the answer to that quest. Read more to find out.

Image from monochrome.nl

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Book Giveaway – Patek Philippe in America

Posted by Harry Bishop on Jul 9th, 2011
Jul 9

Hodinkee mentions another giveaway in a recent review. Seems to be a common occurrence these days, which is great!

This review and giveaway is not for a timepiece this time, but for a reference book on one of the more expensive watch brands out there, Patek Philippe. A great coffee table book for the majority of watch collectors :-) but also a great reference piece it looks like for those who actually collect this brand.

Image from Hodinkee.com

Joel Tadeo in WatchJournal

Posted by Harry Bishop on Jul 3rd, 2011
Jul 3

The smiling face of local watch collector, TimeZone moderator, and Toronto area GTG organizer Joel Tadeo can be seen in the August 2011 issue of Watch Journal magazine.

Images from WatchJournal.com

Yes, it’s a little early for an August issue but you can read it online ahead of time. :-)

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Prometheus JellyFish dive watch contest

Posted by Harry Bishop on Jul 2nd, 2011
Jul 2

Click the image to visit the contest at aBlogToRead.com