WWII Stalag Masons

Posted by Harry Bishop on Apr 26th, 2011
Apr 26

Like all dictatorial regimes, the Nazis were terrified of what the Craft (Freemasonry) represented – for much of its history membership of the Craft was an admission of being a champion of human dignity, political freedom and democracy. This was best stated when in 1938, Hitler’s publishing house issued Freemasonry, Its World View (Weltanschaung), Organization and Policies, by Dieter Schwarz, with a preface by Reinhard Heydrich, second in command of the Gestapo. To demonstrate why every new Nazi member must confirm, by his word of honour that he does not belong to a Masonic lodge, it says:

Masonic lodges are … associations of men who, closely bound together in a union employing symbolical usages, represent a supra-national spiritual movement, the idea of Humanity … a general association of mankind, without distinction of races, peoples, religions, social and political convictions.

This is perhaps one of the greatest backhanded compliments ever paid to the Craft.

Authored by United Masters Lodge no 167, Lodge of Research in Aukland, New Zealand. Shared with their kind permission.

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Making the Ikepod Marc Newson Hourglass

Posted by Harry Bishop on Apr 18th, 2011
Apr 18

I admit, this represents a run of “non Seiko” posts, however this is one of those leftover “huh?” items from Basel that I really noticed.

With these items Ikepod have stepped away from the wristwatch world into what Hodinkee calls “Quite Possibly The Coolest Desk Adornment Ever Made”, which I can come close to agreeing with, they truly are beautiful items.

 (NOWNESS via HypeBeast via Hodinkee)

Jacob Cyclone Tourbillon – part 2

Posted by Harry Bishop on Apr 17th, 2011
Apr 17

Well my skepticism was unfounded, this watch really does have the tourbillon mounted ON the rotor! Of course that means nothing to the average person, since this watch costs over $300,000, but it’s like enjoying a Bugatti – you might never have the ability to own one, and think it’s ridiculous for normal use, but you can still admire the engineering concept from afar. :-)

Thanks to Ariel for posting this video…

Win a Watch: Lum-Tec B4 Combat Watch Giveaway

Posted by Harry Bishop on Apr 14th, 2011
Apr 14

Kyle at Perpetuelle.com is offering yet another contest for us watch-lovers. This time it’s for a Lum-Tec B4 Combat watch (valued at US $595.00). See the link for details and to enter.

Image from Perpetuelle.com

A tourbillon on a rotor? Cyclone Tourbillon

Posted by Harry Bishop on Apr 7th, 2011
Apr 7

Here is the wording from the press release for the new Jacob & Co. Cyclone Tourbillon…

In the Cyclone timepiece, the tourbillon carriage is mounted on the oscillating mass of the automatic winding system , which, in order to provide a full display of its motion, has been moved from its normal position on the back of the watch to the dial side of the movement.

Image from TimeZone Industry News

It sounds like the tourbillon is actually mounted on the swinging part of the rotor? That would be an EXTREMELY cool complication if it could be done, without totally destroying the movement :-) and would to me represent one of the very few positive uses of this oft-abused complication over the last few years.

Looking at the picture however, and considering the brand we’re talking about, I doubt that’s quite the situation, so I’m looking forward to further details and videos.

AWOL (for a good reason)

Posted by Harry Bishop on Apr 3rd, 2011
Apr 3

I started a new job last week! I’m now a public servant, working with the Ontario Ministry of Food Agriculture and Rural Affairs. Specifically, in the Food Safety and Traceability Programs Branch.

It’s great, but really busy, so I expect posting will be even more sporadic than normal for the next month or so. In the meantime, enjoy the archives!