Vostok Europe Anchar – Part 2

Posted by Harry Bishop on Mar 29th, 2011
Mar 29

I’ve clarified that in my earlier post about the Russian watch Vostok Ancarm, I actually should have called it the Lithuanian watch Vostok Europe Anchar. So after I allowed myself to whine a bit about the lack of brand truthfulness, I figured that since the head firm at least seems to be truthful in their Basel releases, plus it’s using a Seiko calibre, I can allow myself to still like this model. :-) So let’s talk about it a bit more.

Image from eBay

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Vostok / Vostok Europe / Koliz – Less than Truthful Branding

Posted by Harry Bishop on Mar 27th, 2011
Mar 27

I need to clarify an item from my earlier post about the Vostok Europe Ancar… as I’ve found out since, Vostok and Vostok Europe are not the same.

The old Russian watch manufacturer, Vostok Match Makers, which started in 1942 and which most people associate with the name, according to Wikipedia went bankrupt in 2010. I had not realized this, given that I knew the old brand and was still seeing the word “Russian” in some Vostok Europe marketing communications.

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Another Dive Watch Brand – Crepas

Posted by Harry Bishop on Mar 25th, 2011
Mar 25

I mentioned the other day that I’ve seen at OceanicTime, a few dive watch brands mentioned that I’ve not known about before, either smaller firms or non Swiss firms.

Image from OceanicTime

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Russian Seiko Diver – Vostok Anchar

Posted by Harry Bishop on Mar 22nd, 2011
Mar 22

I’ve added OceanicTime to my blog reader, they’ve had some neat new mini-brands as well as some old ones, highlighted in the last few months. The plus, as well as the negative, is there are now a few more dive watches on my want list! :-)

Image from OceanicTime

Now here is a brand that I did not even know was really still active, let alone making half-decent looking dive watches. This Vostok Europe Anchar reminds me of an IWC Aquatimer a bit with it’s yellow highlights.

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Old Movements, New Movements – Part 2

Posted by Harry Bishop on Mar 19th, 2011
Mar 19

My thoughts yesterday were about what I consider false branding of gussied up ETA calibres as “in-house movements”, by many mainstream Swiss watch brands. Recent increases in transparency is a definite improvement, but as I mentioned at the end of that post, there is a second positive change.

And that is, the new and exciting movements that have been coming to market recently. And by new, no I don’t mean the lack of creativity exhibited in the prior year, with many brands just adding yet another tourbillon or moonphase complication onto an existing movement! :-)

Image from FratelloWatches

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Old Movements, New Movements – part 1

Posted by Harry Bishop on Mar 18th, 2011
Mar 18

I found myself nodding emphatically back before Christmas at a post on “Chad The Watch Guy”, speaking on how many so-called in-house calibers are really nothing of the sort.

Image © Chad The Watch Guy

The example was the Tag Heuer “Calibre 12″ which is actually just a a plain Jane ETA 2892-A2 with a brand-specific rotor. Unfortunately this is FAR too common with many Swiss watch brands, and has been the case for many years. Sure you are buying a decent watch, but the labeling of the movement is in my mind, misleading at the best.

Thankfully social media has uncovered this a lot lately, and truthful branding is starting to creep back in. For example I’m starting to see the fine print more often on TimeZone, statements like “Breitling caliber 13B (base ETA Valjoux 7750)”, “Anonimo caliber 01.0 (base Sellita SW200-1)”, “Longines caliber L707.2 (base ETA A07L31)” and the like.

Thank you, TimeZone!

Part 2 tomorrow – why despite the above, there is more hope than ever. :-)

Seiko links Jan/Feb 2011

Posted by Harry Bishop on Mar 13th, 2011
Mar 13

Odds and ends of browsing bookmarks today. First, a very nice pictorial from Raphael Too on his Time Tapestry blog, of a SARB072 he recently purchased. Very nice classy looking watch, typical understated look for this type of Seiko. I actually quite like it in gold, which is a surprise to me.

Image © Time Tapestry

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Restoration & Appreciation

Posted by Harry Bishop on Mar 4th, 2011
Mar 4

Every so often you read an article that amazes you at the skill and expertise of someone, who has gotten to that point at a much younger age than expected. Last fall I read such a Watchuseek forum post from a 17 year old who restored a Zenith El Primero, a high-end watch with a extremely good chronograph movement, and also a watch more than twice as old as him, purchased for minimal funds due to the very poor shape it was in.

Images from Watchuseek

But that’s not all … separate from all the great movement restoration and repair he did, how did a dial so used and abused that it had faded from it’s original blue to a blotchy amber, magically become new-looking again? It’s a story that gives Zenith a lot of brand points in the eyes of many…

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