Creating a site in WordPress

Posted by Harry Bishop on Dec 31st, 2010
Dec 31

Here are the obligatory before and after pictures…

Just a little bit better, I hope!

So yes, WordPress and other blogging platforms can be, and are being, used an alternatives to traditional programmer-centric CMS systems to create non-blog websites. This site happens to be one I just did personally for an organization, but I’ve been seeing the trend with business sites for a while also.

It does force you to think of your site as a live and updated communication vehicle, with editorial content, rather than just a brochure-ware static couple of pages. All good!


Posted by Harry Bishop on Dec 28th, 2010
Dec 28

Samphire Greens, Search for Heinrich Stief, and Fundy Family … the discrepancies between these three books are becoming too frustrating, I think I’ve done as much as I can without original research I’m not going to do myself! :-}

Humphrey and Irving relatives

Posted by Harry Bishop on Dec 27th, 2010
Dec 27

So far in 3 days I’ve entered over 700 new names in the family tree, and updated about 200 existing ones. All the “tree” section of Fundy Family has been dealt with, and now I’m going through the written part. It’s actually quite interesting, with lots of description of life in those days (quite hard compared to what we’re used to), including actual letters and writings from the people in these families.

Fundy Family & Christopher Ward C60 GMT

Posted by Harry Bishop on Dec 26th, 2010
Dec 26

Post Christmas dinner, relaxing by entering family tree info. Yes that might categorize me into the “eccentric” category but my finances are still not back to watch-collecting status – although I was drooling over the Christopher Ward collection tonight, like the ETA 2893-2 based C60 GMT auto for $600 Cdn – if it’s the quality of my C6 KingFisher it will be a great value, sort of the range of buying a low-end Omega for much less than you would expect.

Anyway, no watch tonight, but I am up to over 5,300 entries in my family tree, as I get partway through Fundy Family by William Irving. Expect a family tree update on this site soon.

Grand Seiko SBGR075 in Toronto

Posted by Harry Bishop on Dec 6th, 2010
Dec 6

From the new “50th Anniversary of Grand Seiko” lineup, one example of this limited edition watch (number 46 of 300) will be available for purchase as the Toronto Seiko Boutique (131 Bloor St West). It’s not a bad looking watch, but not quite as classic as some of it’s vintage brothers. Ah, the joy of having a want list. :-)

Although not that visible in the above Seiko press release image, it’d dial is actually dark blue. New this year, the 9S65 calibre (automatic with hand-winding capability) has an enhanced power reserve of 72 hours.