6,911 vistors per day

Posted by Harry Bishop on Oct 29th, 2010
Oct 29

Well, last week was interesting for web stats. As you know I’ve not been updating this blog regularly for several months now. Thanks to a reasonable amount of pasts posts I’ve been still tracking fairly consistently around 900 visitors per day. Then last week it jumped just a tad. Well okay, a bit more than that!

Turns out it was 95% visits to an old post that happened to mention rocker Nikki Sixx … nothing to do with watches or family trees at all!

It’s always interesting to see what creates traffic.

4800+ – thanks to New Amsterdam

Posted by Harry Bishop on Oct 28th, 2010
Oct 28

Well, the early history of what we now call New York City seems to be very similar to the later history of backwoods New Brunswick … not a lot of people, families inter-marrying, and the same names popping up repeatedly. And several that have ended up in my family tree.

My latest update puts me over the 4800 name number in the family tree. Still having some challenges (both dollars and time) keeping my watch hobby (habit?) suppressed for a while (hence the continued lack of posts here), but am managing to keep the odd bit of activity going on the ancestor research.