Plumbing, Seikos & Polygamists

Posted by Harry Bishop on Aug 22nd, 2010
Aug 22

I know, I haven’t posted for quite some time. Well, it’s been “interesting” downsizing into a 55 year old bungalow. As in the reason why the phrase “may you live in interesting times” could be considered somewhat of a curse. The people who flipped the house did a lot of good work upgrading it, but one thing they failed in were a number of plumbing areas … we’ve had far too many problem with what they left us. Needless to say it’s left me without the time or budget or relaxation to do anything with watches for a while now. Ah well, forward we go!

One thing I have done is a few family tree update. There are a few hundred more entries on the family tree page of this site now, most recently in the Carruthers branch. And for something a bit different, I found a branch of the family tree that were part of the start of the Mormon religion includign the journey to Utah … and yes, that means I found some polygamists in my family tree!

Thanks for reading, and hopefully things will look up in the next few months and I’ll be back to more regular posting (and back to watches!).

Good-bye Frank Gehry

Posted by Harry Bishop on Aug 10th, 2010
Aug 10

Well of all the watches I own, this one has generated the most comments, emails, interest, and requests to purchase. And it’s not a Seiko, and it’s even quartz. It’s my Fossil titanium Frank Gehry GH-2017.


However I’ve not been wearing it, due to lack of great daylight legibility, so with conflicted heart (as I really like the watch as a concept) I’ve finally sold it. I’ve been pestered by enough people long enough, I finally said yes.

Goodbye Frank Gehry! :-(