Waterloo, Ontario

Posted by Harry Bishop on Jul 3rd, 2010
Jul 3

Home to the BlackBerry, temporary home of Stephen Hawking, and now home to Catherine and I.

After working in the city off and on over the past 20 years, we now live here also. Moving is done, we’re (hopefully) through the surprises of moving into a 50 year old bungalow, including two surprise plumbing leaks. The people who bought and flipped the house did some very good work in some areas. Plumbing was unfortunately not one of them, the dishwasher piping was installed wrong and leaked through to the basement discoloring the ceiling (thankfully no structural damage, and it’s painted and we know what color), the water softener was bypassed but left turned on so burnt out plus it leaked also, and the main toilet had debris thrown into it and now has a nice green crusty line that won’t come off so probably needs replacing.

Ah, the joys of moving. It wil stil be a few months before things are to the point I can get back to regular posting, so the hiatus proceeds. I continue to answer your emails and letters, no worry! :-)