$2000 watch buyer guide – no Seiko?

Posted by Harry Bishop on Feb 26th, 2010
Feb 26

I say this poking gentle fun at RJ at FratelloWatches for his post, as I really enjoy his thoughts and writing, but it is a perspective of many WIS magazines and blogs that Swiss & German watches are the only “real” mechanical watches in their opinion.

First, let me give a “thumbs up” to RJ for selecting the Nomos Club as one of his selections, a great watch that’s still on my wish list. I think he’s done a really good job picking watches, other than the exclusion of non-European brands.

Image from FratelloWatches.com

I would challenge those who exclude Asian (and other) high-end well known brands of watch makers from their lists. The perception of European dominance in luxury watches is actually just an example of successful marketing … it’s not true, and it’s a relatively recent perspective. Other countries including the US used to be considered the premier manufacturers of luxury watches, but that changed last century. Some of this changed for real, other parts of it just changed in belief.

I’m not talking about new Chinese firms with little heritage. I’m talking about something like a Grand Seiko, which has the heritage, quality, accuracy, and aesthetics to more than hold it’s head up high in this company. I guess this post earns me my “Seiko Champion” moniker. :-)

GS 9S54A, 2001, image from luxurious.whatsoever.hk

Family Tree Update – 2,876 and counting

Posted by Harry Bishop on Feb 26th, 2010
Feb 26

One of the items keeping me busy in areas other than watches is the continued research my wife and I are doing on my family tree.

Today’s update brings this tree up to 2,876 researched, validated and cited non-private individuals. I have roughly another 2,000 identified and in queue to be validated against meaningful sources (census records, gravestones,

etc). It’s amazing how many errors and discrepancies exist in supposedly solid sources, from books to government records to many more areas. Thankfully most of the time you can track down and figure things out. It’s the few you can’t that cause the real headaches (along of course with those people you cannot find any information about to begin with!).

Thanks to all who have helped us, and all the distant relatives I am connecting with as part of this project.

Seiko 6138-8039

Posted by Harry Bishop on Feb 23rd, 2010
Feb 23

Getting back to my own collection, I need to have one example of Seiko’s famous series of 70s/80s chronographs, the 1638 and 1639.

Here’s a quick wrist shot (excuse the poor lighting and dust in this one!) of my 6138-8039, which is a colour combo that not everyone will like, but I really enjoy – black with dull gold subdials and other trim, and white hands and hour markers. I put it on a black leather band, this model looks (to me) much better that way than on the original metal bracelet.

The serial number dates this to May 1976 – the case has seen some wear, but it’s keeping great time and still in good shape for a 34 year old Seiko!

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Now for something different – Seiko Fieldboy!

Posted by Harry Bishop on Feb 15th, 2010
Feb 15

I’ve not seen one of these before, so had to share it. Currently for sale on SCTF is this very interesting Seiko watch/flashlight/radio combo. Not for me (the watch is a basic quartz with a diver-like dial) but still a very interesting item for die-hard Seiko collectors, or those who collect Seiko accessories.

All images from STCF seller Ocskasy

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More Numbers

Posted by Harry Bishop on Feb 8th, 2010
Feb 8

Sorry for the lack of posts, life has been quite busy, hopefully I’ll be able to get back to this in a few weeks.

In the meantime, I’ve updated the Family Tree section, there are now 2,600 family members listed. It’s growing!

And despite the lack of new posts, I’m pleased to say I’ve had my first day with over 1,000 visitors – I guess there are enough back posts to keep readers interested. :-) There will be more, I promise, and thanks for reading!