Football Throw or Olympic Archer – which is more accurate?

Posted by Harry Bishop on Dec 28th, 2009
Dec 28

In the spirit of North American holiday habits, let’s take a break from watches completely and talk about football.

If you had to choose which was more accurate at hitting the bulls-eye of an archery target from 20 yards away, would you pick an Olympic archer with a modern high-tech compound bow? Or an NFL footback quarterback throw of a ball? The answer might surprise you.

Video from DrewBees Sport Science

Merry Christmas

Posted by Harry Bishop on Dec 24th, 2009
Dec 24

Pine Tree and Red House by Lawren Harris (image from museum
Pine Tree and Red House by Lawren Harris, Group of Seven, 1924
(image from museum

It’s been a challenging year for many, still we have lots to be thankful for. Here’s looking forward to you and your family having a great holiday season, and a return to prosperity in 2010.

All the best,

CX Swiss Military 20,000FT Watch

Posted by Harry Bishop on Dec 22nd, 2009
Dec 22

Yes I know I’m still writing about “other brands”, but after yesterday’s post I should mention what got me interested in reading about this watch, which was a recent entry at Hodinkee where they unwrapped it with all the add-ons.

Original video at Hodinkee

Deeper yet – 6000 meter diving watch!

Posted by Harry Bishop on Dec 21st, 2009
Dec 21

Swiss Military used to hold the world record for depth resistance in a watch with a model rated and tested to 3657 meters (12,000 feet). Not a watch I really like the look of, but still interesting for the technical feat of making it resistance to 1200 atmospheres of water.

Manufacturer's image

Manufacturer's image

That was surpassed in 2008 by Rolex with their 3900 meter Sea Dweller Deep Sea (Again not my favorite look, but much more classic and enjoyable than that of the CX SW line! :-) )

rolex Sea Dweller Deep Sea

pic from Precision Timepieces

Well as anyone in the field of excessive specs knows, a new record is nothing more than a challenge for somebody to beat it. The newest CX Swiss Military diver is rated and tested to 600 atmospheres – 6000 meters or approximately 20,000 feet!

pic from iTech News Net

pic from iTech News Net

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New TAG Heuer caliber 1887 actually a Seiko

Posted by Harry Bishop on Dec 19th, 2009
Dec 19

It’s been discussed over and over in the watch forums and blogs these past few weeks, but still deserves a mention. TAG Heuer announced this month their new “100% developed in-house” caliber, the 1887.

image from

image from TimeZone Industry News

It seems nice – 39 jewels, column chrono, 50 hours reserve, +/- 4 sec/day. And in fact the movement itself is nice. The problem is with TAG Heuer’s marketing statements – the movement is actually a modified Seiko 6S37 that TAG Heue licensed for their internal modification and use.

Image from SCWF

Image from SCWF

Legally and technically it’s a modified movement that they have rights to. Truthfully and in social media terms, the marketing is a lie. If you don’t have Truthful Branding you will be found out. In the case of TAG Heue, it tarnishes their image and makes them of less interest to me as a watch purchase, which is sad I’ve always liked a lot of their watches.