Financial Times – Report on Watches

Posted by Harry Bishop on Nov 18th, 2009
Nov 18

Thanks to Harry SK Tan and his blog Watching Horology for this. His recent post is not only about this article in the London Financial Times, but he has thoughtfully provided a link to download the supplement as well, for your reading pleasure. Thanks Harry! (did I mention he also has a great first name? :-) )

The highly respected Financial Times of London publishes an annual watch supplement and this year it features a few interesting articles – including a balanced commentary on the ongoing feud over the supply of ETA movements to Swiss watch companies

Another article that is well worth reading is a report on how brands are now embracing nanotechnology processes to create extremely small and thin watch components …

Harry’s got a great blog with many posts that showcase his photography skills, visit to read the article and download the supplement, and browse the rest.

Over-engineered + Retro + Miyota = Helson

Posted by Harry Bishop on Nov 13th, 2009
Nov 13

Trying to catch up on Reader today, and noticed another watch review by Paul Hubbard, this one of a new brand called Helson. In particular, their Shark Diver model. The company is run in Hong Kong and the watches are powered by a Miyota movement similar to Halios or Citizen divers, this particular watch has a 2,000 meter water resistance rating.

Yes, that’s right, you get an extra “0″ in there compared to most of your automatic divers. Defintely a bit of over-engineering going on.

Yes, you do see mesh steel bracelets. A very nice style for a dive watch in my humble opinion.

And if that wasn’t enough, a brown dial and bezel, and not only that they actually look good! Shades of earlier Rolex watches of similar color, and definitely a retro look I admire. Would love one of these on that mesh bracelet! :-) Unfortunately that particular model is sold out according to their website. :-(

For more info, real Paul’s review or visit the Helson site. It’s not a Seiko, and my experience with Miyota movements is that they are capable but not quite to Seiko level, but having said that the design and case engineering on this watch, at a $500 price level, is a real interest-getter.

Lego Lessons

Posted by Harry Bishop on Nov 7th, 2009
Nov 7

Family Tree update

Posted by Harry Bishop on Nov 6th, 2009
Nov 6

No time to get back to the normal blogging yet, but have posted an update to my Legacy pages.

I’ve done some of the research, most of the work is Catherine’s, we’re up to over 2300 people, lots more pictures of people, cemetery stones, etc. Also a number of improvements to source listings and other details.

There are 481 surnames in the tree so far. The “biggie” names with lots of people found are Bishop (of course), Carruthers, Farris, Ferris, Gosline, Morton, Newcomb, Steeves, and Thurrott.