Halios BlueRing with Seiko 6R15

Posted by Harry Bishop on Aug 31st, 2009
Aug 31

Yet another new brand with a dive watch using a Seiko movement. In this case however, we’re cranking up the level of both the watch and the movement.

Image from Halios blog

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Watch Me Now And Then – new Seiko collector’s blog

Posted by Harry Bishop on Aug 29th, 2009
Aug 29

It’s always nice to see another Seiko blog pop up on the InterWeb.


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Christopher Ward 500m tritium diver

Posted by Harry Bishop on Aug 28th, 2009
Aug 28

My, what big hands you have Grandma.

All the better to see you with, my dear.

(all images from Christoper Ward)

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How to blow yourself up – dangerous chemicals 101

Posted by Harry Bishop on Aug 27th, 2009
Aug 27

I have a folder in Google Reader called “Ze Misc Stuff”. And yes, it starts with “z” just to put it down at the bottom of the list, below all the watch blogs. :-)


One of the blogs in that folder is a small grasping hold on my university day studies, In the Pipeline by Derek Lowe. Most of the entries are about the joys of the corporate and institutional pharmaceutical development world. Pretty boring stuff if you’re not into organic chemistry, or interested in how everyday medical drugs are created. But one of his blog categories will be of eye-opening interest to anyone who has ever sat in a high-school chemistry lab and “accidentally” created a perhaps larger than expected POOF from a bunsen burner or gas jet.

Things I Won’t Work With includes stories of why chemistry is not for idiots, with lots of explosions and other caffeine replacements to start your day.

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That’s not a Seiko Collection, that’s an Obsession!

Posted by Harry Bishop on Aug 26th, 2009
Aug 26


Seriously though, I was checking the Halios watch company blog for news of when this well-received new Vancouver based watch brand (imported Miyota movements, great diver design in their first model) would have something new out, and by complete surprise instead found this Seiko collection. And these 2 pics are just a small small fraction of his total collection!!



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Seiko SpaceWalk to be Auctioned Off!

Posted by Harry Bishop on Aug 25th, 2009
Aug 25

One of my grail watches, the very limited (6 pieces total) SpaceWalk from Seiko, showed up on Ariel Adam’s ablogtoread the other week, with news that one is being auctioned off.


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Pita Oceana – 5000m water resist dive watch

Posted by Harry Bishop on Aug 24th, 2009
Aug 24

Thanks to Monochrome for alerting me to this new watch from Aniceto Pita of Barcelona Spain, a member of the AHCI group of independent watchmakers (if you are interested in such, I’d also recommend you visit the Tempered site).


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Review – Alpha 036-R13 (Black)

Posted by Harry Bishop on Aug 23rd, 2009
Aug 23

After reading Paul Hubbard’s posts a few years ago about the improving quality of Chinese-manufactured mechanical watches, last year I decided to try out some models from Alpha. I purchased two automatic watches for the high, high price of $120 total (that’s the total for both, not each, and that amount included shipping!). I’m finally getting around to reviewing them.

Let’s look first at the 036-R13 (black) model, also known on their catalog as the “43mm Triple Date Sun/Moon Indicator Black Dial Self-Winding Watch” in stainless with black dial. Yes, Alpha has a ways to go for memorable model names.


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