Family Tree – Bishop / Farris / Carruthers / Gosline

Posted by Harry Bishop on Jul 26th, 2009
Jul 26

If you read this and find that we’re related, by all means email and say hello!

You may notice a new link on the header above, called “Family Tree“. For the past 8 months my wife has been researching my family background, and documenting it using a software program called Legacy.

She’s being quite pedantic about it :-) only documenting people and events she can confirm with reliable source documents (marriage certificates, church records, government archives, etc) – we have thousands of less reliable records (general Internet searches, LDS database, etc) that she’s kept manually and left out of the software so far until she can confirm that.

Having said that, you can guess how much time she’s put into it these past 8 months by the fact that even excluding all those, there are still over 1700 confirmed people in the database so far, and growing!

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New Arrival: Christopher Ward C8 Pilot – CS8KK

Posted by Harry Bishop on Jul 25th, 2009
Jul 25

With many thanks to an online friend, I’ve had another CW for the last 2 weeks now, this one a steel/black/black version of their C8 pilot watch. Quick post, sharing some of his pictures.


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Big Ben – Happy 150th birthday

Posted by Harry Bishop on Jul 22nd, 2009
Jul 22

London’s iconic Big Ben – tower and clock – has recently turned 150, having rung for the first time on July 11th 1859.


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Chrsitopher Ward Kingfisher Diver – 1/2 price sale

Posted by Harry Bishop on Jul 12th, 2009
Jul 12

Thanks to Dan who mentioned the current sale at Christopher Ward. I really like and enjoy my Kingfisher 300m diver with 4.5 mm sapphire crystal on stainless bracelet, and the brand has really impressed me also, so I think these are a great deal if you are looking at one.


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Review – Citizen NY2300 vs Seiko 200m divers

Posted by Harry Bishop on Jul 4th, 2009
Jul 4

Well it’s been a few weeks since I received my first Citizen 200m diver, I thought it appropriate to share my thoughts about how it stacks up versus it’s Seiko equivalent.

The best comparison is probably an SKX009, but since that’s a model I don’t have, I’ll compare against my SKXA35 since it’s a “standard” current 200m Seiko diver (same model line as the 009 just a different color), with a side nod to my Black Monster for comparison on the rubber straps.


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