Review – iPhone 3G S from Rogers Canada

Posted by Harry Bishop on Jun 21st, 2009
Jun 21

Well, I finally ditched the BrickBerry and caught up with phone technology. Strange that someone as geeky as me would be so late to the party on something like this. I thought about waiting first, there’s a bit of history with some Apple products not working as expected in Canada on their first release here, but ended up deciding to jump in.

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David Myles & Peter Elkas – Songs from 2 Beards

Posted by Harry Bishop on Jun 19th, 2009
Jun 19

I’ve gone to many, many different venues over the years to see many different musicians, from a summer traveling the eastern coast of Canada & USA for quite a few rock concerts (it was a good summer – what can I say, I was younger then!), through blues to jazz to classical to folk to dance and many others.

I had the opportunity this past week to go to our local live theater venue Centre In The Square, to see what was labeled as “Songwriter’s Circle”, one of the performances from their “On Stage’ series for this year. The description I was given was “only a few hundred people, sitting on stage at a number of small tables close and personal to the performers”. Hmm. Well, that describes a lot of different places I’ve heard music before, from local festival playhouses all the way to bars grungy enough you have to have out-of-focus vision already to want to visit. I have to admit I was a bit hesitant about how much I’d enjoy it.

(pic of David Myles from his web site, Peter Elkas from CBC)

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Citizen NY2300-09LB on it’s way

Posted by Harry Bishop on Jun 11th, 2009
Jun 11

It’s surprising what watches I’ve been able to pick up for my target price quickly, and what’s taken some time. I decided a while back that I wanted to see what the Citizen 200m divers were like, and picked the current (ie new not vintage) “blue dial + pepsi bezel + crown on the middle right” version on rubber, the NY2300-09LB.


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