Blueberry Girl as read by Neil Gaiman

Posted by Harry Bishop on Mar 17th, 2009
Mar 17

One of the various snippets of writing from @neilhimself that I’ve enjoyed is this short poem.

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Seiko 6106-8030: It’s Kanji Time

Posted by Harry Bishop on Mar 14th, 2009
Mar 14

From my collection comes this Seiko Sealion M88 with split day/date windows. Can you see the reason I bought this particular one? Kanji day wheel, but with the long “written out” day of the week, which I don’t see too Seiko models with.


Multiple names on this one… Sealion M88 on the back, and the dial is sub-labelled DX.  I’ve seen others of this model, plus the dial numbers match, so I know that’s correct.

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What’s Written Inside Lincoln’s Watch?

Posted by Harry Bishop on Mar 10th, 2009
Mar 10

Interesting note on Hodinkee the other day, about the National Museum of American History planning to open Abraham Lincoln’s watch to settle a bet.


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A Wonderful Thought

Posted by Harry Bishop on Mar 8th, 2009
Mar 8

Sorry, It’s Not Atlantis

Posted by Harry Bishop on Mar 7th, 2009
Mar 7

A few weeks ago I mentioned the excitement about what looked like an underground city, found on Google Ocean and visible on Google Maps, at one of the general areas discussed as the location of the possible real city that spawned the myth of Atlantis.


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TimeZone Watch Of The Year

Posted by Harry Bishop on Mar 5th, 2009
Mar 5

I was right, there was no way the nice-but-not-great Seiko Credor Torque Return would get the forum member votes needed to win this contest. One of the two obvious contenders won.


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Felca Ads from WWII

Posted by Harry Bishop on Mar 4th, 2009
Mar 4

As I was researching the background of my Felca, I came across these interesting ads from World War 2, when they supplied watches to the US military, on the Titoni web site.


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