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Posted by Harry Bishop on Dec 31st, 2008
Dec 31

The missing Orvitax – Alba Orvitax 15504

Posted by Harry Bishop on Dec 30th, 2008
Dec 30

This watch, despite being quartz (although a reasonably decent Seiko quartz movement however), is still one of my favorites. Why? The design.


I’ve written about this watch before, and mentioned all of it’s siblings in the model line that I knew. The list I had found out about included 6 different models.

I’ve been looking for some of these other models for a few weeks now, especially the white faced one, to add to my collection. No luck yet, but while searching, I found some more information about this line from Alba.

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New Google Image Search “by style” Options

Posted by Harry Bishop on Dec 29th, 2008
Dec 29

In Google image search, we’ve had a number of capabilities for a while now. Search by image size, safe search, select by file type, select by B&Wgreyscale/colour, etc.


Look on the search menu bar to the right for the updated option – by content. Now you can search for images that contain faces, or that are clip art, or line drawings, or photographs, or news content.

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Seiko Spacewalk among the stars!

Posted by Harry Bishop on Dec 28th, 2008
Dec 28

After the cancellation of Richard Garriott’s planned EVA activities on his trip to the International Space Station, we were still able to see some shots of his Seiko Spacewalk watch in space.



However I was still not expecting to ever see this watch perform in vacuum outside the spacecraft, but yesterday was pleased to find out otherwise thanks to this post on TimeZone, and the accompanying picture.

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Pedigree Dog Ads

Posted by Harry Bishop on Dec 27th, 2008
Dec 27

From the “Ads of the World” site, I had to share these. First, here’s the copy:

For impeccable oral and dental hygiene, try Pedigree Dentastix.

Pedigree. Take care of your dog’s problems.

Now here’s what “problems” refer to. :-)


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Happy Holidays

Posted by Harry Bishop on Dec 24th, 2008
Dec 24


Wishing you a great holiday season with family & friends, and a new year that hopefully sees us all on the road to renewed economic prosperity, both overall and individually.


Volkswagen Speedo Watches

Posted by Harry Bishop on Dec 23rd, 2008
Dec 23

Ariel at aBlogToRead just posted an entry about this line of watches that I want to share, they’re great looking timepieces for any of us who also like vintage automobiles.


The above watch, as you can see, faithfully mimics the dial to it’s left. A dial from a 1966 (the date shown on the “odometer” part of the watch) Volkswagen Karmann Ghia.

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Older? Tips for Job Searching in technology firms

Posted by Harry Bishop on Dec 22nd, 2008
Dec 22

Let’s face it, there isn’t a single firm in the technology industry these days that isn’t either involved in Social Media, or likes to pretend they are. So if you’re about to interview in the field, you need to at least act SM savvy.


Okay, that’s not the title of this post, but it cuts to the core of the issue … you need to act as if you’re young enough to grok the subject, and that you live at least part of it. In fact, this general “how to be perceived younger” article includes a number of Social Media items. If you’re blank on these, you’re going to relegated to the trashbin compared to the competition for that job.

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