Posted by Harry Bishop on Aug 3rd, 2008
Aug 3

I’m away for a while, no updates during that time – my first “no blog entries” vacation since I started this site!


Summer calls, see you later!

Dance Dance Revolution

Posted by Harry Bishop on Aug 2nd, 2008
Aug 2

Just because I’m a bit past your typical gamer age, doesn’t mean I’m not part of that target demographic.


OK … I’m more than a bit past, and I’m definitely on the fringe of that market! :-)

However for some reason I’ve gotten the bug to play again, but just one particular game, which I’ve never played until a month ago visiting friends at their house. Their teenage kids were playing, and I decided the 4 of us should try it also, and I got hooked on it.


Yup, that’s right … Dance Dance Revolution! :-) It’s one of those games I was “too cool” to play when it first came out, but it turns out to be really fun (although watching my wife’s two left feet is fun also … she’s getting better though, so I won’t be able to enjoy that part for long).

So yesterday for $100, I was able to pick up a used PS2, a new DDR game, a pad, and a used memory card. Groove on.


Online Comics – Close To Home

Posted by Harry Bishop on Aug 1st, 2008
Aug 1

We’re back to old-fashined “regular” syndicated newspaper cartoons today, with Close To Home by John McPherson.


Not only old-fashioned but corny, however still funny enough to make my “daily read” list.