Old Monster, New Monster

Posted by Harry Bishop on Aug 16th, 2012
Aug 16

Image from Watches by SJX

Yes the new one has a better caliber, the 4R36, however in the looks department (ignore the modified chapter ring on the older one in this picture, normally it would be orange too), this particular model has gone a bit too gimicky and flashy. With or without the newer movement, I still prefer the original colour combo over the this one

Seiko SRP013 (4R16)

Posted by Harry Bishop on Feb 21st, 2011
Feb 21

A fairly recent collection addition, I purchased this from a US forum member last fall. Other than a scratch on the side of the display back, it’s in very good shape. I find this a very nice version of a Seiko casual watch. Although not subtle, it’s look is toned down by a creamy coloured dial. It’s very comfortable feeling despite being a bit thicker than most Seiko watches of this type, reasonable movement, nice feel, nice strap, good price point.

Image from Seiko Citizen Watch Forum

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Good-bye Frank Gehry

Posted by Harry Bishop on Aug 10th, 2010
Aug 10

Well of all the watches I own, this one has generated the most comments, emails, interest, and requests to purchase. And it’s not a Seiko, and it’s even quartz. It’s my Fossil titanium Frank Gehry GH-2017.


However I’ve not been wearing it, due to lack of great daylight legibility, so with conflicted heart (as I really like the watch as a concept) I’ve finally sold it. I’ve been pestered by enough people long enough, I finally said yes.

Goodbye Frank Gehry! :-(

Seiko 6138-8039

Posted by Harry Bishop on Feb 23rd, 2010
Feb 23

Getting back to my own collection, I need to have one example of Seiko’s famous series of 70s/80s chronographs, the 1638 and 1639.

Here’s a quick wrist shot (excuse the poor lighting and dust in this one!) of my 6138-8039, which is a colour combo that not everyone will like, but I really enjoy – black with dull gold subdials and other trim, and white hands and hour markers. I put it on a black leather band, this model looks (to me) much better that way than on the original metal bracelet.

The serial number dates this to May 1976 – the case has seen some wear, but it’s keeping great time and still in good shape for a 34 year old Seiko!

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Selling stuff, thoughts on 2010 watches

Posted by Harry Bishop on Jan 1st, 2010
Jan 1

Well I’ve taken the plunge and actually sold stuff. Not on eBay (yet), on the Seiko Citizen Trading Forum.

091228 083091228 082091228 080

091228091228 085

I’ve also decided to be a lot pickier about watch purchases this year.

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Review – Alpha 036-R13 (Black)

Posted by Harry Bishop on Aug 23rd, 2009
Aug 23

After reading Paul Hubbard’s posts a few years ago about the improving quality of Chinese-manufactured mechanical watches, last year I decided to try out some models from Alpha. I purchased two automatic watches for the high, high price of $120 total (that’s the total for both, not each, and that amount included shipping!). I’m finally getting around to reviewing them.

Let’s look first at the 036-R13 (black) model, also known on their catalog as the “43mm Triple Date Sun/Moon Indicator Black Dial Self-Winding Watch” in stainless with black dial. Yes, Alpha has a ways to go for memorable model names.


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New Arrival: Christopher Ward C8 Pilot – CS8KK

Posted by Harry Bishop on Jul 25th, 2009
Jul 25

With many thanks to an online friend, I’ve had another CW for the last 2 weeks now, this one a steel/black/black version of their C8 pilot watch. Quick post, sharing some of his pictures.


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Review – Citizen NY2300 vs Seiko 200m divers

Posted by Harry Bishop on Jul 4th, 2009
Jul 4

Well it’s been a few weeks since I received my first Citizen 200m diver, I thought it appropriate to share my thoughts about how it stacks up versus it’s Seiko equivalent.

The best comparison is probably an SKX009, but since that’s a model I don’t have, I’ll compare against my SKXA35 since it’s a “standard” current 200m Seiko diver (same model line as the 009 just a different color), with a side nod to my Black Monster for comparison on the rubber straps.


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