Seiko Giorgetto Giugiaro watches (redux)

Posted by Harry Bishop on Jul 26th, 2013
Jul 26

It doesn’t seem like it’s been 30 years since the movie Alien. :-) The original watches have a mnior cult following and command a reasonable price in good condition. I like several of the new ones.

Image from TimeZone Industry News

For more info refer to TimeZone Industry News or Watches by SJX

Seiko Giugiaro 30th anniversary SCED011
Image from Watches by SJX

Seiko Monster 100th Anniversary SRP455K1

Posted by Harry Bishop on Jul 22nd, 2013
Jul 22

“The most affordable of the 100th anniversary timepieces”. Full post can be read on Watches by SJX

Seiko SRP455K1 100th anniversary blue monster (8)
Image from Watches by SJX

The Swiss watch industry fear of Seiko

Posted by Harry Bishop on Jun 25th, 2013
Jun 25

From Watches by SJX … Organised by the great and the good of Swiss watchmaking, including the Neuchâtel cantonal government, COSC and the Besançon Observatory, the biennial Concours International de Chronométrie, or International Chronometry Competition, professed a noble aim. It wanted to continue the tradition of the chronometer contests of the 19th and 20th century, not just for movements, but for finished watches destined for the purchase by consumers.

… But amongst the rules of the contest, one governing the provenance of the timepiece stands out. It reads: “All parts used to build the movement must be made within Europe.”

Seiko astronomical observatory chronometer 45GS (13)
Image from blog Watches by SJX

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Seiko divers & Tuna Cans

Posted by Harry Bishop on Feb 5th, 2013
Feb 5

If you are new to Seiko divers, check out this post at, and then go here for a nice summary chart from Harry’s Vintage Seiko Blog (gotta love the name!) of Seiko shrouded dive watches, aka the “Tuna Can” divers.

Image from

Image from

Updated Seiko Black Monster

Posted by Harry Bishop on Oct 31st, 2012
Oct 31

Image from

Another post, this time from Ariel Adams of, on the “new” Seiko Monster line-up, these newer models powered by the hand-windable and hacking 4R36 automatic caliber.

Seiko Astron GPS

Posted by Harry Bishop on Oct 29th, 2012
Oct 29

Image from

Nice post at Horologium (Australia) with some actual hands-on feedback on the real watch. Sounds more interesting than I originally thought.

Old Monster, New Monster

Posted by Harry Bishop on Aug 16th, 2012
Aug 16

Image from Watches by SJX

Yes the new one has a better caliber, the 4R36, however in the looks department (ignore the modified chapter ring on the older one in this picture, normally it would be orange too), this particular model has gone a bit too gimicky and flashy. With or without the newer movement, I still prefer the original colour combo over the this one


Posted by Harry Bishop on Jul 20th, 2012
Jul 20

True words

An in-house manufactured chronograph … the 6139 have developed a cult following among Seiko fans worldwide and has become a piece of history … the 6139 offers one of the best mechanical chronograph piece from the early days, giving the best bang for the buck money can buy.

Image from

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