Social Media Manager Opening at Audemars Piguet

Posted by Harry Bishop on May 8th, 2011
May 8

Robert-Jan of mentioned this job opening last week. If you’re into social media and watches it could be your dream opportunity. :-)

Dinosaurs & Gearmotors

Posted by Harry Bishop on Nov 14th, 2010
Nov 14

Recent ad from work, this one has garnered more favorable comments than the average. Probably because it’s not average. No boring “just show me a picture of the product” here!

MAXXDrive from NORD Canada

6,911 vistors per day

Posted by Harry Bishop on Oct 29th, 2010
Oct 29

Well, last week was interesting for web stats. As you know I’ve not been updating this blog regularly for several months now. Thanks to a reasonable amount of pasts posts I’ve been still tracking fairly consistently around 900 visitors per day. Then last week it jumped just a tad. Well okay, a bit more than that!

Turns out it was 95% visits to an old post that happened to mention rocker Nikki Sixx … nothing to do with watches or family trees at all!

It’s always interesting to see what creates traffic.

Truthful Branding – Zoë Keating, Wil Wheaton & Neil Gaiman

Posted by Harry Bishop on Feb 22nd, 2009
Feb 22

I just saw Coraline, the amazing 3D stop-motion puppetry movie, and really enjoyed it. Seeing this reminded me how much I enjoyed Neil Gaiman’s work.


So, I decided to follow him on Twitter.

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Twitter (finally) with a link to FaceBook

Posted by Harry Bishop on Feb 15th, 2009
Feb 15

Well, after ages of not bothering to join personally, I’ve finally started with Twitter.


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Watch Brands & Social Networks: Facebook

Posted by Harry Bishop on Feb 11th, 2009
Feb 11

I receive lots of email through this blog. The personal questions from watch collectors I always enjoy, and have made a number of online friends this way. I also receive a lot of commercial email. Some is outright spam, but I always look through for legit communications, and from those see if there is anything of interest. This was a recent one, from an internal marketing firm called IC-Agency in Geneva.


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150,000 visitors

Posted by Harry Bishop on Feb 2nd, 2009
Feb 2

After a little bit over a year (including a one month hiatus in the middle), I want to thank everyone who reads my blog, Seiko Champion has now had over 150,000 visitors – over 16,000 of you this past month.


Book Scanning & Online Search – My 1981 thesis

Posted by Harry Bishop on Jan 31st, 2009
Jan 31

We’re all used to Google giving us access to book excerpt now, and being able to search current scientific journals. I was surprised the other day however, to find out that my old university thesis … “Analysis of fine structure abberations in the movement of carbon-11 and nitrogen-13 in the stems of plants” … was now listed online.


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